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Customised Design Options


Dual-Colour – Single Umbrella Canopy

Because all of our umbrellas and canopies are custom made to order, we have very few print and production limitations. Our canopies and sleeves are printed prior to stitching which enables us to print right up to the very edge of the panels and indeed over the seams – this bespoke service offers our clients the opportunity to create unique and striking canopy designs. Custom umbrella manufacturing at its best. We can cut and sew panels to various shapes with great effect. It’s a great opportunity to introduce further colour and flare to your bespoke umbrella.


Double Layered Canopy

Easily introduce a second skin to your umbrella canopy. This can be in a contrasting colour which can enhance the design and esthetic,  while adding a luxurious weight and feel to your umbrella. The inner canopy can also be printed with any design – again with few limitations. We have also recently perfected the process to enable us to stitch the inner and outer canopy without a gutter for a cleaner look.


Pantone® Colour Matched Canopy

We can pantone colour match canopies and sleeves to any Pantone reference for your promotional umbrellas. We can also colour match perimeter and vertical rib tape. In addition to this unique service we also offer a stock colour portfolio of nearly ninety colours for smaller orders.


Contrasting Perimeter Tape

We can included contrasting tape around the perimeter of the umbrella canopy in any colour – even on small quantities. The tale can be offered in a number of widths. We can also print the tape to create a one-of-a-kind  effect. The sleeve end can also incorporate this tape.


Pantone® Colour Matched Frame

We can Pantone colour match the frame for an original look. Various components can be colour matched to various colours. This includes the handle, tip, shaft, rib end caps, handle clip, interior opening button and ferrule. It’s a very bespoke service and can be offered FREE on orders of five hundred units and over.


Vertical Colour Tape

Highlight the colours of your brand by including horizontal tape at the sides of each panel. The effect is stunning and offered a very bespoke feel to the canopy for very little extra cost. We can match to any colour for relatively small order quantities.


Your Logo On The Handle Base

Most of our golf umbrella handles offer the opportunity to incorporate a printed logo or image under a transparent dome or decal. We can now print these in full colour, offering a subtle touch to your branding.


Embroidered Labels

We can include custom made woven labels with your brand logo in various positions including outer canopy, inner canopy, tie wrap and sleeve. These labels can be produced in high definition for crisp and clear branding.


Umbrella Handle Engraving

On certain models of our umbrellas, we are able to engrave your logo on the handle ring – this offers the opportunity for very subtle branding. These handle rings can now incorporate your logo in colour. The rings have to be printed prior to fitting – another opportunity to enhance your promotional items with subtle branding.

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