Design Your Own Umbrellas

The Design Process

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Chances are, if you’re reading this page you’d like to do a little more than print a one colour logo on your corporate umbrellas. We’re guessing you’d like to print all over the entire umbrella canopy, or over multiple panels, right? There are a few things you should consider before you start the design process.

Choose the Right Style of Umbrella

8-Panel Options:

6-Panel Options:

Umbrella Style Considerations

umbrella style - wooden city walkerThe first thing to consider when designing your umbrella is who will be using it. This will help you determine if you should go with a walking umbrella for a classic, conservative design, or a golf umbrella for a more outdoorsy crowd. Whomever your target demographic, choosing the right style is important.

It is also important to consider how much colour and imagery you would like to use. If you’d like to print in full colour or use a detailed pattern that will require heavy ink coverage, choose a golf or stick umbrella. If you are considering a compact telescopic umbrella, then minimal printing is better suited for the frequent open and close.

Canopy Printing: The Basics

Now that you’ve chosen an umbrella style and know how many panels you’re working with, it’s time to think about your design. If you’d like to keep it simple and put your logo on a few panels, call or email us now and we’ll get started – easy! If you’d like a more creative umbrella design, then here are a few things to consider:

pattern matching - custom umbrella design

  1. First, we print the individual umbrella fabric panels
  2. Then we sew the panels together to make the canopy*
  3. Finally, the canopy is strung onto the umbrella frame

*Depending on your umbrella design, “pattern matching” may be required. This is aligning shapes or images panel to panel.

Design Considerations

Each time we have a different panel design, new print screens need to be made. This is important to note because making print screens impacts cost, and you may want to adjust your design depending on the size of your print run. The larger the order, the lower the individual cost per umbrella. If you’re going to do a small print run of 100 umbrellas, you may want to limit the number of unique panel designs, or try repeating your design on multiple panels. This will keep your corporate umbrellas looking flashy, while only requiring a few print screens. On the other hand, if you’re going to print 500, then let your creativity run wild!

Stock Umbrella Fabric Colours and Pantone Matching

We have over 100 different fabric colours in our inventory, and can typically match your corporate colours exactly. We also offer PMS colour matching* if you have specific colours you’d like matched. This isn’t limited to just the canopy fabric, we can also match the frame and handle.

*Minimum order for PMS matching umbrella canopies is 500 units

Get Started On Your Free Umbrella Design