High-Def Umbrellas with Sublimation Printing

When it comes to the umbrella printing industry, there isn’t much that the average person can get excited about. But sublimation printing is definitely something to get excited about.

Imagination Becomes Reality With Sublimation

sublimation printing - imagination vs realityWhen you’re creating something, whether it’s a PowerPoint presentation, umbrellas, or website, you image it in vibrant detail. But we are often met with the reality of inadequate tools, and there is nothing more stifling than the limitation of your tools.

So when you want to create a beautifully detailed umbrella, you need right tool. Enter sublimation printing. This form of printing lets you print with increased detail compared to traditional printing methods, giving you the ability to add high-definition detail to your canopy. Sublimation printing is a dye-printing technique that allows for your ideas to be displayed at their max potential and is not to be confused with dye sublimation heat transfer imprinting.

Sublimation: Scientifically Speaking

science of sublimation - umbrella printingHere’s the science: It is the method of applying an image to specially coated ceramics, metals or fabrics, using three main ingredients: sublimation ink, heat and pressure. Sublimation ink is unique in its ability to convert from a solid to a gas without going through a liquid form. This creates a crisper image with a less pixelated look. The conversion is initiated by heat and controlled with pressure and time.

Quality Printing For Any Project

custom umbrella printing sublimationWith sublimated printing we have been able to create one-of-a-kind designs for several of our customers. One such design was for the UK branch of Salvation Army for a recent fundraising event. They were looking for an umbrella that was colourful and memorable, yet still had vivid detail. The sublimated technique gave the graphics texture without that pixelated look. The umbrellas were a huge hit at the event with their eye-catching style.

Whether you are looking to create original umbrellas with vibrant colours or you’re wanting to add a detailed image to your canopy, sublimation printing gives you the quality that your project needs. Designing your umbrella with high-definition detail will make your promotional gift a memorable one. Don’t let your creativity be limited by lacklustre tools, choose the printer that will give you nearly limitless possibilities.

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