Umbrellas with Interior Printing – Functional Design

Many of our clients come to iBrolly because they want to give their customers useful promotional gifts that will be appreciated. A high quality, nicely designed custom umbrella is exactly that. However, we took the whole “useful promotional gift” thing to a whole new level with a few of our recent projects, where we used interior printing to make umbrellas even more practical than they already are.

map printed inside umbrella

Creative Printing for the Underside

Most recently, our iBrolly UK office worked with a London-based estate agency to create these gorgeous promotional umbrellas with full colour map of the west side of London printed on the inside. So, when you’re strolling through London from one apartment to the next looking for your next dream home – just look up at the map printed on the inside of your umbrella to find your way. We love it! Printing and manufacturing these particular custom umbrellas was something that could only be done in an umbrella factory, as each fabric umbrella panel had to be printed in colour before they were sewn together. After that, the umbrella canopy gets strung onto the frame.

golf course map printed inside umbrella

Canopy Printing Done Right

We created another practical design in a similar theme for a Golf-Club Schloss Breitenburg’s line of custom golf umbrellas. In this case we used a large vented golf umbrella and printed a smaller map on one of the bottom panels. The exterior print on this umbrella was quite special as well, as we were able to print a full colour photographic image on it. And, by using a silver coating on the inside of the umbrella canopy, this promotional umbrella looks fantastic both inside and out.

For more information, or to request a free custom umbrella design for your company or organisation, please contact your local iBrolly office. We have representatives throughout North America and Europe:
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