Telescopic Umbrellas

Telescopic Umbrellas

request quote for promotional telescopic umbrellaiBrolly makes the most durable telescopic umbrellas on the market. We’ve worked hard developing reinforced frames to ensure your branded umbrellas last. We have taken extra steps with our telescopic models in order to deliver a quality product. Durability is a key focus in our design, which is why we have reinforced ribs on the interior of the umbrella canopy to withstand strong winds. Sourcing materials such as fibreglass and aluminum for the frames allows the umbrella to be lightweight without sacrificing stability, and all of our telescopic umbrellas are built with extra sturdy handles that are both functional and design-focused.

Personalised Branding Options For Your Design

The iBrolly telescopic umbrellas are an excellent option for those looking for a practical and original promotional idea. Our compact and lightweight design allows for easy transport and storage – tote bags, purses, backpacks – so you’ll never get caught out in the storm. The telescopic umbrella may be compact in size, but the list of personalisable features is far from small. Fully printable canopy, colour-matching piping, and branded handles are just some of the customisable elements. As an added feature, our telescopic umbrellas come with a cover that can be both branded with your logo and matched to your corporate colours. This allows for even further customisation to compliment your umbrella design.

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