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How to get your brand out there in style

Are you marketing your brand with regular Facebook posts, occasional tweets, and a few great Instagram stories? No wonder you’re not hitting your promotional goals! It's time to rethink your marketing approach and get your brand out there in style.

To boost your brand recognition, a unique and effective promotional campaign is essential. Almost everyone requires an umbrella, to protect oneself from rain or shine and even as a stylish accessory. Umbrellas are extremely popular everyday items that very few can resist. This is great news for businesses as it allows them to create fantastic branded campaigns! Investing in an impressive, quality umbrella can help your company gain more attention by promoting your brand to a wide range of audiences, regardless of who they may be or where they are located. 

The need for custom umbrellas:

To break through the marketing haze, where every business competes for attention, you need something large and impressive to catch your audience’s attention.  

Umbrellas are practical, reusable products that can be used wherever you are, all year round. When you have a unique, personalised umbrella – particularly a good quality one - they act as an impressive first impression of your brand to your audiences. You can choose from a variety of umbrella styles these days, along with your logo and brand proposition imprinted to create an advertisement that no one can ignore. An eye-catching umbrella can generate a lot of interest among crowds and become a great conversation starter, therefore generating more recognition for your company or brand. 

A great idea to invest in is keeping a few small umbrellas with your logo imprinted on them on hand for consumers who may not have an umbrella. Bad weather can strike at any time and in any place, which when you’re unprepared, acts as a huge irritation! By providing an umbrella and assisting your customer, you are creating a pleasant memory and a lasting image that will encourage the shopper or client to return. The best thing is that these logo umbrellas will bring a piece of your business home with them - and many will keep your branded umbrella as it is a useful, functional item. Consider how much attention your business will receive every time a customer takes out your branded umbrella with them. 

Umbrellas can be used as part of any branding campaign; whether it's to advertise your brand, raise awareness, or promote a message.  The best part is that nothing imprinted on a personalised umbrella would go unnoticed by those passing by. A customised branded umbrella will leave a lasting statement in the minds of anyone who sees it, whereas it’s very likely your occasional social media post won’t have the same effect. Make promotional umbrellas a unique addition to your marketing campaign by using creative and interesting designs, exclusive patterns, or even by printing imagery on both sides of the canopy. 

Here at iBrolly, we would love you to explore our range of quality umbrellas and design elements that best suit you. Effectively market your brand in style, plan and design your branded umbrella today!