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Why Corporate umbrellas Play An Effective Part in your Marketing Strategy

Corporate Promotional products are an incredibly effective way of showcasing your brand. Phil Page, branding expert and owner of iBrolly UK, discusses why:


Promotional corporate items are a huge part of any successful marketing strategy. Whatever your company size – large or small - promotional products spread awareness of your business name and branding, and showcase who you are as a company. When ordering corporate gifts, your original goal may be to enhance awareness of a brand and promote your products or services. The domino effect of this, if done well, can be endless: impressing new customers, retaining loyal clients, motivating and retaining employees, all while sending positive messages about your business, and your brand.

First impressions matter. So choosing the right branded product matters even more. Businesses differ, so make appropriate suggestions. For example, a law firm requires different items than an insurance company or a restaurant. The key is accessing quality promotional products that fit all vertical markets. Pick products that match your clients’ needs.

Other critical factors in selecting your branded items establishing a products lifetime value, the type of event or campaign it will be used for, your marketing budget, and (importantly) the target audience. Is the product a basic handout or giveaway, or is it something you want employees and/or clients to hold onto? The climate or season is also incredibly important, as is the timing of distribution. Those questions must be answered before the product selection process takes place.

Why Promotional umbrellas are effective as Corporate Gifts:


Both a promotional gift and something practical that will help people out - potentially for years -promotional umbrellas can be one of the most effective brand awareness and promotional products.

Large Print Areas:

With print sizes in excess of 300mm on corporate umbrellas, there’s no chance of missing your brand. Use each panel to showcase your logo or have a full design across the inside and outside of your umbrella. If you choose the right company, the possibilities are truly endless – and you can surprise and delight your clients with amazing imagery.

Great Value:

When considering the climate or season – one thing that is pretty much a guarantee in the UK, is rain. With this in mind, the value of a good quality printed umbrella in UK weather, can be amazing. The ROI you get from an umbrella with effective messaging can be huge.

Long lasting:

If you choose the right umbrella, these promotional items can last for years – which will convey a good quality brand to your target audience. I particularly like our storm-proof umbrellas – these stay sturdy even when they blow inside out.

Huge exposure:

Umbrellas can essentially be like mini billboards for your brand. At a sporting or outdoor corporate event, your logo or brand imagery has the potential to be seen by thousands of people.


Why Use iBrolly as your Corporate umbrellas Supplier:

Benefits of using iBrolly Custom Made Umbrellas:

  1. All of our umbrellas are custom made and offer virtually unlimited design and branding options
  2. We offer a free canopy design service
  3. We offer a free printed sample once an order has been placed and a design agreed – this ensures colour and design will be perfect for the order
  4. We offer full all-over digital printing including our exclusive “Map” umbrella design
  5. Other special options including woven labels, interior printing, laser engraved handle rings, rubber badging, embossed poppers

Get in touch with us today at iBrolly for advice and guidance around choosing the right promotional umbrella for your brand – it will be worth it.